Amara (Poolswasdi) Hulslander


In my work, I create experiences because there is no greater privilege than taking someone along on a journey. Design is sacred because it is used to shape the way people perceive their world, provide them with the necessary tools to go about their daily lives, and can shift their way of thinking. Great design requires empathy, attention to detail, and patience, and it is a responsibility that I do not take lightly.

I am inspired by the people who I know will be privy to my work -- people who seek to accomplish a task, students who will eventually be inspired to pursue human-computer interaction, or those who want to enjoy a few moments interacting with a product. I seek to make technology more human-friendly, to translate the digital environment into something worth exploring, and to create a positive and lasting impact on a person's life in some way.

My teaching philosophy is quite simple -- Just being a prolific designer is not an acceptable demarcation of success in our field. A truly successful designer is someone who is able to transfer that knowledge and mentor others so that we are all able to push the boundaries and possibilities of human-centered design thinking together. True success comes from helping others, not from hoarding opportunities. My ultimate goal is to prepare my students to become the most valuable design thinkers our world has ever known, so that they are the ones to solve the hardest human-facing technological problems that we've yet to identify.

My work experience spans physical and digital UX. At Sphero, I led physical and digital experience designer on the Star Wars Force Band. I worked directly with project leads and technical teams to help define and design the product UX. I was also on the launch team for the wildly-successful app-enabled Star Wars BB-8 droid. Prior to Sphero, I worked as a designer at, where I’ve had the privilege to work on worldwide consumer product design. I spent a year and a half on the corporate innovation team developing the physical-digital UX for Amazon Go. My work afforded the opportunity to design for multi-screen environments, biometrics, and complex computer vision problem solving. I was also active in the Amazon UX Design Mentorship program, which allowed me to hire, coach, and develop designers of varied backgrounds across the company. I've returned to Amazon as a UX designer on the consumer electronics team in the Denver metro office. In the evening, you can find me teaching UX research and design at University of Colorado-Denver and General Assembly-Denver.

To keep myself at the forefront of the industry, I further my knowledge and understanding of the field by being involved in all aspects of the design process: from planning, testing, strategy, ideation, execution, and iteration. I recently completed my Master of Science degree in Human-Computer Interaction at Iowa State University while working full-time towards product launches at Amazon and Sphero. I plan on pursuing my educational doctorate degree in the near future.

My design expertise includes user experience design, user interface design, digital product design, graphic/visual communications, branding, and integrated marketing communications. My background as an individual contributor, manager, and entrepreneur has given me the privilege of working in and with communications agencies, tech startups, small and large businesses, and other fellow entrepreneurs.



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